Meet The Mob

Four friends who exploded onto the scene by being the most creative, funny, and humble group on the internet.


Classify started off playing COD wagers and was introduced to Twitter around the same time in the year 2017. From there he was a consistent COD meme poster and gained traction with vital tweets until he started streaming in the Summer of 2018 and started The Mob alongside his 3 best friends streaming everyday since.


Froste grew up in Albania and moved to America when he was 8 years old. He first started playing video games when his uncle bought him an NES system for his 5th birthday. When he came to America, he played on his little brothers PS2, and that’s when he truly fell in love with gaming. After playing call of duty and amassing a following on Twitter for 6 years, he decided to give streaming a try in early 2018. He then convinced his friends to stream as well, and they’ve been known as The Mob since then!


Mako has been involved in the community since 2013, growing up on Long Island NY he always casually played games while balancing sports and school. In 2018 fellow Mob member Froste got him aswell as the others into streaming. They then adopted The Mob name which was formed 7 years ago and have been on a uphill climb ever since :)


Avalanche was born and raised in Richmond Virginia and continued on to run track at Virginia Tech. He left after his Junior Year to pursue streaming with The Mob and 100 Thieves. He started streaming Summer of 2018, has been in the CoD community on Twitter since 2013, and has played video games his entire life.